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14 agosto 2009 

Breviário de leituras: House of mystery: room & boredom

House of mystery: room & boredom, Matthew Sturges, Bill Willingham & Luca Rossi

«I took a human shape out of mere curiosity. A knight came to slay me, as they sometimes do. After I took his sword arm out of its socket, I said that I might free him if he relieved my boredom with a good story. He had a smashing one, he said; he'd heard it at a secret place, a tavern where stories act as currency.
And is was a good story, at that. But I ate the flesh from his bones anyway.
I was not looking for love when I stole his form. Had I been I would certainly have been more selective. So when I first came to the House of Mystery, it was in a rather plain visage. I listened to a few stories and drank a sampling of bubbling brews. Charming, yes, but nothing I hadn't seen before. I shrugged and stood to leave.
And then I saw her.»


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