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29 novembro 2009 

«The Force is strong with this one» (revista de postas)

«An upcoming television show explains why real life lightsabers are a physical impossibility, before building the next best thing. It's like Mythbusters but, surprisingly, made with even more awesome.
According to Variety, the show, Sci-Fi Science: Physics of the Impossible, will feature Dr. Michio Kaku looking at the reality behind Star Wars' favored weapon of choice. After explaining that light can't be formed into a solid blade, Jedi-style, he then goes to work looking for alternatives, including plasma swords and carbon nano-tubes, with the help of experts in the field.


Isso é que era bom. Os Happy Meal do McDonald's até trazem umas com luzes de AMBOS os lados! Physical impossibility o tanas. :)

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