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30 dezembro 2009 

FAKE (revista da década)

«After all, the 80s had bling (according to Jay McInerney), the 90s had grunge (according to Winona Ryder). The noughties, or whatever we end up calling them, were surely defined by fakery: fake celebrities (anyone who came from reality TV); fake "reality" (see previous); faked news stories (Balloon Boy, which has since been compared to Orson Welles's War of the Worlds stunt – although, as far as I know, Orson wasn't trying to regain the power he had when he appeared on Wife Swap, as Balloon Boy's father, Richard Heene, was); fake fashion designers (any celebrity who sewed their name into the back of a badly made dress); fake friends (Facebook); and fake communication ("social" networking sites which tend to involve people sitting at home, alone, and not speaking).»

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