23 janeiro 2010 

And so it is...

The End


Famous last words: words from the wise (32)

«So long, and thanks for all the fish.»

(Douglas Adams)


Famous last words: words from the wise (31)

The end of laughter and soft lies
The end of nights we tried to die
This is the end»

(Jim Morrison)

22 janeiro 2010 

In space, no one can hear you tweet (da série "desculpe, posso roubar-lhe uma imagem?")

1st live tweet from Space!



«I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but...» (revista de postas)

«Kanye West is among the only top stars not invited to appear on tomorrow's George Clooney–organized telethon for Haiti. "After what he said on the Katrina telethon and the way he behaved at the MTV Video Music Awards, everyone agrees it's just best that he does not participate" (...)»


21 janeiro 2010 

Martin Luther King, trekkie

«And at this his face totally changed, and he said "What are you talking about?!" and so I told him I would be leaving the show, because; and that was as far as he let me go, and he said, "STOP! You cannot! You cannot leave this show! Do you not understand what you are doing?! You are the first non-stereotypical role in television! Of intelligence, and of a woman and a woman of color?! That you are playing a role that is not about your color! That this role could be played by anyone? This is not a black role. This is not a female role! A blue eyed blond or a pointed ear green person could take this role!" And I am looking at him and looking at him and buzzing, and he said, "Nichelle, for the first time, not only our little children and people can look on and see themselves, but people who don't look like us, people who don't look like us, from all over the world, for the first time, the first time on television, they can see us, as we should be! As intelligent, brilliant, people! People in roles other than slick tap dancers, and maids, which are all wonderful in their own ways, but for the first time we have a woman, a WOMAN, who represents us and not in menial jobs, and you PROVE it, this man [Gene Rodenberry] proves and establishes a precedent that validates what we are marching for because three hundred years from today there we are, and there you are, in all our glory and all your glory! And you CANNOT leave!"
And I did not leave.


«The world's first street art disaster movie»



«How fucking romantic: 69 Love Songs, illustrated»

«We are a loose collection of mostly London-based comic-artists, illustrators and writers, who have grown up listening to the Magnetic Fields and got together over a mutual love of the songs. One day, on Twitter, a couple of us decided that illustrating – or writing a comic – or a short story – inspired by all 69 songs was a worthwhile and exciting pursuit, so here we are!».

19 janeiro 2010 

Grayskull Gothic (da série "desculpe, posso roubar-lhe uma imagem?")

© Jason Hernandez



From: Revision3 / To: Mr Conan 'CoCo' O'Brien

«I’m taking this opportunity to officially offer you a brand-new show of your choosing here at Revision3. Rest assured, you’ll be able to bring your set, band and even Andy (especially Andy) with you as you transition to our cutting-edge online TV network. We have room for the Masturbating Bear, FedEx Pope and even Mini Jay Leno here on the internet.

Have you seen the internet lately? It’s huge!


I have an auto-tuned dream

18 janeiro 2010 

Ashes to ashes: words from the wise (30)

«The end is where we start from.»

(Captain Jack Harkness)


«The five flavors of grieving» (da série "desculpe, posso roubar-lhe uma imagem?")

@ ache


15 janeiro 2010 

Noves fora nada (revista de postas)

«(...) Aliás, convenhamos, Rob Marshall é um simpático equívoco, desde que o seu voluntarioso Chicago ganhou o Oscar de melhor filme de 2002, batendo, entre outros, Gangs de Nova Iorque, de Martin Scorsese: a proeza continua a ser uma das melhores anedotas da história dos Oscars.»



End of an era

«Conan O'Brien is out»


A matemática do amor

«Why I don’t have a girlfriend: An application of the Drake Equation to love in the UK»

14 janeiro 2010 

Waiting on the song to change

«The blues equivalent of Bon Jovi is sincere and funny – too bad about the antiseptic music».


Google's the word

«'Google' named word of the decade».


Coisas Breves

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