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17 novembro 2009 

O efeito Larsson: o direito ao contraditório

«(...) Perhaps. But Larsson is very much of our own time, setting himself to confront questions such as immigration, “gender”, white-collar crime, and, above all, the Internet. The plot of his first volume does involve a sort of excursion into antiquity — into the book of Leviticus, to be exact — but this is only for the purpose of encrypting a “Bible code”. And he is quite deliberately unromantic, giving us shopping lists, street directions, menus, and other details — often with their Swedish names — in full. The villains are evil, all right, but very stupid and self-thwartingly prone to spend more time (this always irritates me) telling their victims what they will do to them than actually doing it. There is much sex but absolutely no love, a great deal of violence but zero heroism. Reciprocal gestures are generally indicated by cliché: if a Larsson character wants to show assent he or she will “nod”; if he or she wants to manifest distress, then it will usually be by biting the lower lip. The passionate world of the sagas and the myths is a very long way away. Bleakness is all. That could even be the secret—the emotionless efficiency of Swedish technology, paradoxically combined with the wicked allure of the pitiless elfin avenger, plus a dash of paranoia surrounding the author’s demise. If Larsson had died as a brave martyr to a cause, it would have been strangely out of keeping; it’s actually more satisfying that he succumbed to the natural causes that are symptoms of modern life.»

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