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07 dezembro 2009 

Message in a piano (revista de postas)


It's inevitable. Some people won't want to buy our records when they can get them for free. In an ideal world, all music would be free and recording artists would be happy to make music for free distribution to the masses. But this isn't an ideal world. Recording and releasing records costs money. And in our case, that money comes straight out of our pockets. We have to at least recoup that money or we can't continue to record. It's that simple.

We try to make our records as cheaply as possible in the stores. We set the dealer price (the price we sell the record to the distributor at) as low as we possibly can so that the price you buy it for in the store doesn't break the bank. We just need to cover our costs.

So, please, if you download or share our music for free, consider buying something by the band too. Come to our concerts, buy a CD at the concert. Without this, we can't continue to make music.

Thank you,

Piano Magic»


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