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04 maio 2009 

Breviário de fitas: The wrath of Kirk (revista de postas)

Star Trek, J.J. Abrams

«Your father was captain of a starship for twelve minutes. He saved 800 lives, including yours. I dare you to do better.»

Faço minhas estas palavras:

«nerd alert. last night i filed into the generic megaplex at 19th and broadway to watch, courtesy of the new york observer, the new star trek movie. and i'm a nerd.

not only have i obsessively watched the original series (even when it was on tv originally...i'm old), but also tng and dsn and etc. the acronyms will only make sense to the initiated, i'm guessing. well, except for 'etc', that's pretty pedestrian.

so not only have i watched the different series (or serieses) i've also obsessively watched the movies and...and...uh, here's where i should probably keep my own counsel but i won't, i've read the books... yes. i've read many, many, many of the books, especially tng.

i know, i'm not proud. so, from my nerd/trekkie perspective the new star trek movie is perfect. really. no distracting movie stars. well acted. well written. nice monsters. cool things blowing up. and etc. and it has a narrative device that is awesome. i won't tell you what it is, but it actually enables this to be a new franchise. it might seem trite to some, but it's really well done. hopefully that'll make sense to you when you're done watching the movie. and now i've dug myself into a gigantic nerd-sized hole. and, as is usually the case when i find myself in a hole, i'll keep digging. oops, except i have to get back to work.

the movie is awesome.

ok, have a nice weekend.


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