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05 outubro 2009 

Breviário de leituras: Hush

Batman: Hush

«The Joker.
I have known him longer than any other criminal.

- Stop...

He shot Barbara Gordon at point blank range and left her to die.
The fact that she is still alive does nothing to lessen the anguish he brought down on her.
Deemed "insane" by the courts, he never went to jail for the crime.
Despite all my efforts, I know very little about his origin...

- Stop...

...Who he was before he became the monster he is today.
He shot Lieutenant Sarah Essen - former Police Commissioner Jim Gordon's wife - and killed her.
The Joker's life should have ended then and there.
Dick. Dick Grayson. Nightwing. He explained to me once the The Joker and I are forever linked in constant battle.

- Stop...

That in some sick way, The Joker exists because of me.
How I represent the order that is necessary to live in Gotham City and The Joker is the chaos that disrupts that order.
The Joker beat a child named Jason Todd to death for nothing more than wanting to be the young hero Robin, The Boy Wonder.
He walked away from any responsibility for that crime by using some bizarre "diplomatic immunity" he had obtained.
Only moments ago, The Joker took the life of a childhood friend.
Doctor Thomas Elliot - Tommy - returned to me as I lay dying. Without any hesitation, he used his skills as a surgeon.
I am alive today only because of him.
Now, Tommy is dead and The Joker killed him.

- Stop...

I think about what Nightwing said. My being responsible for The Joker as year's worth of rage courses through my fist.
I cannot...

- Stop...

I will not...

- Stop...

...accept any responsibility...

- Stop...

...for The Joker.

- Batman...

Except that I should have killed him long ago.

- Stop... me... if you've heard this one before...»


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